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 Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, PhD
Clinical Psychologist and author specializing in ADD and ADHD

I developed a skill building treatment to help you meet your goals by finding strengths, setting goals, chunking, boosting motivation, mood management and finding focus.   These treatments include CBT, Emotion Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and 12 Step Facilitation. I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in addictions at the University of California, San Francisco. 

If you or someone in your family has issues with lack of attention skills or lack of focus, is constantly fidgeting and paces a lot, and can do many things at one time but never finishes any of them, there is a possibility that the person has ADHD. My mission is to help people live better lives with ADD and ADHD.

I offer 3 online courses, have written 7 books

and am a Co-Founder of Bonding Health, a childhood ADHD start up. 

Psychology License PSY 17980

dr. lara honos-webb

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ADHD Treatment

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3 x online courses to choose from  to help you learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

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I am an author of 7 books on ADD, ADHD, Executive Functioning, and Depression for you to read.

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In this friendly guide, I offer six powerful “super skills” to help you pay attention, increase productivity, and get organized so you can achieve your goals and live your best life. 

Once you learn and practice these skills, you’ll feel empowered to conquer any task—no matter how big. So, why not start learning them today?

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Free 25 Minute Video on Six Super Skills Every Person with ADD Can Learn

Learn the Six Super Skills to Find Your Focus, Get Organized and Get Your Goals

  1. What is Executive Functioning and how do you achieve it?
  2. Find Your Gifts to Build Confidence and Motivation
  3. 3 Words to Create Lasting Change - Self-Talk Solutions
  4. Set Goals, Manage Mood, Find Focus, Boost Motivation
  5. Learn the Science of Attention Management

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My Online Courses For Purchase

self-study courses you can do in the privacy of your home
- designed to help you live a happy and thriving life with ADD

A Strength Based Treatment for ADHD: The Six Super Skills

Online course for therapists to learn how to treat ADHD and executive functioning using the Six Super Skills: Find Gifts, Set Goals, Chunking, Boost Motivation, Emotional Regulation and Attention Management.

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The Six Super Skills For Executive Functioning: A Parent's Guide to Mind Building

- for parents of young children or adolescents who struggle with focus and planning and problem solving

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Find Your ADHD Gifts: Command Your Future

In this six week coaching program you will find a warm, supportive voice encouraging you to find your gifts, talents and interests and giving you dozens of tools to help you focus and overcome resistance.

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Brain Hacks featured in list of top 7 books in a 'best of self help' article on Healthline

“Modern life requires a lot of our brains. We need to stay organized, manage our time wisely, and make important decisions. These essential skills ― known as executive functioning ― affect every aspect of our lives, from how we function at work and home to how we manage stress.”  
- see full article on Healthline

Rave for The Gift of Adult ADD

I've read The Gift of Adult ADD - highly recommended for both yourself and loved ones who may live with ADD. Expertly crafted, while also not being overly-saturated with medical jargon & includes some useful activities while sharing some powerful true stories! So much love for this & Lara. @TheOnlyHJwriter

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