6 Super Skills For Executive Functioning:
A Parent's Guide to Mind Building
Online Course

Learn how to help your child develop organization skills, attention skills, planning skills, mood management skills, and more.   Learn how ADD can be a strength, not a weakness to be ashamed of.

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What Exactly is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning refers to the ability to plan, to take action rather than procrastinate, to consider multiple possibilities when solving problems, and the ability to stay focused.

These are all things that people with ADD and ADHD struggle with.  Without these skills, they struggle in school, they have difficulty excelling in their jobs, and they are not understood in their relationships.

Is that your child?

But If so, it's ok. With the proper guidance and support, anyone can learn to overcome these struggles in order to live a successful and fulfilling life.

The Six Super Skills online program is designed to be a tool to assist in all these areas.

What is the Six Super Skills for Executive Functioning online course and who is it for?

The Six Super Skills for Executive Functioning Online Course is designed for parents of young children or adolescents who struggle with focus and planning and problem solving.  

In this course, as a parent, you will learn how to build you child's

  • attention,
  • planning skills,
  • impulse control,
  • mood management skills,
  • and flexible thinking.

This course will help you support your child to:

  • be more organized so that they actually can get work finished and are more productive (planning)
  • be more patient so that they don't interrupt others and can enjoy a better social life without embarrassment (impulse control)
  • will have fewer anger outbursts and be more relaxed and happier (mood management)
  • be better able to get projects done on-time so that they have more satisfaction. less 'last-minute' stress and are more successful at school and/or work
  • be able to follow directions and have less conflict at school/work
  • be able to sit without fidgeting so that they can truly feel relaxed

You may also notice little differences such as their greater ability to manage frustration by trying out the super skills.

What other results can you expect?

This course helps you avoid control battles to join with your child or teen to focus on goal setting and goal getting.

Many times kids and teens are as frustrated as parents at the challenges they face to reach their own goals.

These skills can help your child or teen make progress as you support them to:

  • find their gifts,
  • set goals,
  • break goals down into stepping stones,
  • boost motivation,
  • manage mood
  • and find focus.

    BONUS: These tools will help you as the parent to build confidence, find focus and boost motivation!

These tools are based on research backed strategies including:

1) The power of self-efficacy to improve mental health, motivation and goals

2) How setting goals and writing them down increases goal progress two times more than those who do not write down goals

3) How chunking goals into small stepping stones allows you to get more frequent feedback and increases motivation

4) How motivation is boosted through by self-efficacy and asking the benefits and costs of procrastination

5) Studies showing that more precise language for emotions predicts less substance use and mood disorders and improves relationships

6) A review of 8 of the best science backed tools to increase attention

"Mind what you have learned save you it can" -- Yoda

What's Included in The Course?

    Welcome to the Course
    About Your Instructor
    The Fundamentals
    Super Skill 1: Find Gifts
    Super Skill 2: Set Goals
    Super Skill 3: Chunking - Breaking Goals into Smaller Steps
    Super Skill 4: Boost Motivation
    Super Skill 5: Manage Mood
    Super Skill 6: Find Focus

Advanced Tools

The Learning Curve and the Six Super Skills

Imagination is Goal Setting: Building Castles in the Sky

The course includes 2 hours and 20 minutes of video plus additional written content including:

   -  How To Become an Advocate for your Child with ADHD
   -  NOW: The Ultimate Stepping Stone
   -  Four Questions to Ask Yourself to Take a Broader Perspective
   -  Spotlight on Sleep

About the instructor: Dr. Lara Honos-Webb

Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Walnut Creek, CA.  She has dedicated her life's work to ADD and ADHD and Executive Functioning.  She is the author of 7 books that have sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide.  The American Psychiatric Association included the Gift of ADHD (2005) in its recommended reading list in their “ADHD Parents Medication Guide.”  She is recognized worldwide as an attention deficit disorder (ADD) expert.  Her work has been featured in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, US News and World Report and other national media.

What are people saying about the book The 6 Super Skills?

"Teenagers need to be able to set and achieve goals, but their executive functioning often isn’t fully developed. Drawing on the latest neuroscience, Lara Honos-Webb provides a roadmap for masters these skills—which will set up teens for success not only in high school, but throughout their lives."
—Daniel H. Pink, author of WHEN and DRIVE

“Dr. Honos-Webb has done it again. With 6 Super Skills she has created a roadmap for teens and their parents to improve executive function and motivation to change related maladaptive habits—and to do so in a positive (re)frame. Her deep knowledge and experience working successfully with teens who have executive function issues is demonstrated in each suggestion she offers.” 
—Robin S. Rosenberg, PhD, ABPP, ceo and founder of Live in Their World and adjunct clinical faculty at UC San Francisco, author of Abnormal Psychology and Introductory Psychology

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You have a choice to define yourself by your strengths or to define yourself by your weaknesses.    This course will help you choose the strengths.

Plus, understand that you make this investment at no risk.   You are covered by my personal, Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 15 day Guarantee. That is, you can spend 15 days going through the 6 Super Skills for Executive Functioning course and apply everything you learn. If, within 15 days of your purchase, for any reason,  you don’t believe the purchase was worth the investment, you can let me know and I will send you a full refund.


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