I treat ADHD, Executive Dysfunction and Addictions using the Six Super Skills and Motivational Interviewing

My mission is to find gifts, meet needs and help my clients set their goals and get their goals. 

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Six Super Skills For Parenting to Build Executive Function

This course helps you avoid control battles to join with your child or teen to focus on goal setting and goal getting.

Many times kids and teens are as frustrated as parents at the challenges they face to reach their own goals.

These skills can help your child or teen make progress as you support them to find their gifts, set goals, break goals down into stepping stones, boost motivation, manage mood and find focus.

These tools are based on research backed strategies including

1) The power of self-efficacy to improve mental health, motivation and goals

2) How setting goals and writing them down increases goal progress two times more than those who do not write down goals

3) How chunking goals into small stepping stones allows you to get more frequent feedback and increases motivation

4) How motivation is boosted through by self-efficacy and asking the benefits and costs of procrastination

5) How to Manage Mood

6) How to Find Focus

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Find Your Gifts: Command Your Future is the only ADHD online academy that focuses on gifts and is developed by a Ph.D. psychologist.

A self-paced online academy for those persist in the face of discouragement. In a world where ADHD is a stigma, we see neurodiversity. You may look around you and see relationships difficulties, professional failures, and a trail of catastrophic mistakes caused by sloppiness.

In this six week coaching program you will find a warm, supportive voice encouraging you to find your gifts, talents and interests and giving you dozens of tools to help you focus and overcome resistance.

ADHD is both a blessing and a curse, sometimes a brutal one. I won't glamorize ADHD.

It's Time to Turn the Bus Around! You will learn to define yourself by strengths rather than weaknesses.

"The Gift Of ADHD" is brilliant, soulful, and insightful. Thank you for writing it!" - Benny Rietveld ‏ - Grammy-winning bass player and Musical Director for Santana

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